Short but Sweet

Sign in a store in Antigua, Guatemala “we make antiques”

In the land of the pharaohs, my sister-in-law bought a beautiful black T-shirt with white hieroglyphs. The price was very very high and she bargained like crazy. She was so proud of the price she finally managed to receive, and thought she really had made a great deal; she had won the “arm wrestling”. A week later, after she washed the T-shirt, to her surprise the glyphs were washed away!!!!!!!

How is it possible that a dead fish has more value than a living one? Or a tree once it is lumber has as higher price than a standing one?

A community rural man was very upset with some foresters that came to his community to conduct an economic evaluation of the forest. The technicians forgot to add a value for the shadows of the trees. In a tropical country where you are exposed to strong sun, the shadows of the trees are the only protection left from the heat.

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