Incredible Jobs

Can you imagine when they ask you for your profession? How about: professional kite flyer, professional mourner or Whale Caller? These are some of the most incredible jobs I have found around the world.

Mermaids or Fairies, which one is real?
Believe it or not, Mermaids do exist and I had the pleasure of meeting and even participate in an event with them- with hundreds of witnesses to prove that they are real!!!!!

Meeting them was a gift from life. They are not built as athletes; they are short, with cracked hands and solid arms, as if steel has replaced their bones.These are the Mermaid of Jeju Island also referred as Korean Female Divers Haenyeo.

Unlike fishermen who go out in boats or use a rod or line, these women dive in the ocean without any special tools, not even scuba equipment, to gather clams, abalone, or seaweed. This is part of their philosophy: “Use what God has given you, is the best way to be sustainable”. All they use is a float to mark their location when they surface, a weeding hoe and a net to hold their catch. Wearing a lead-weighted vest and goggles, they dive up to 20-meter depths where they stay holding their breath for up to three minutes. When they come back to the surface, they make a whistling sound, which is their unique way of breathing out the carbon dioxide and breathing in fresh oxygen.

Strangely, in Confucian Asia, this may have been the only place where the birth of a baby girl was celebrated more than a boy’s, as a female birth meant more wealth for a haenyo family. Jeju female divers enjoyed more freedom, independence, and self-respect than other women. Today, haenyeos play the role of guardians of the sea and the ocean’s ecological environment.

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