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In our lives, we all have someone who I call “the could have been….”ReTeks Last week, one of those “could have been” in my life died.  I received a call from a nurse at the hospital letting me know that he had left me a message.  What follows is an extract:  A message to a memory I was too young and pretentious when I met you. Only time showed me the mistake I made. If I would have only stayed with you, I would have laughed more, eaten more gallo pinto (a Costa Rican food made of rice and beans) and dove in further places. But far more important, I would not have been in this bed today.  You were faithful and loyal; I was not.  So many times I had the phone in my hands, but I did not have the power nor the humility to call you.  Eleven simple digits would have changed my life.  In these past days, I would have given my fortune to have you by my side, supporting me, helping me go through this last bit of my life….  You could have been “the person of my life…” I chose to make you just a memory.  I know you have this ceremony you do, when you need support: you ask for comfort and support from your lost friends and ancestors. Please add my name to your list. I will look after you in spirit… Good-bye, my “could have been”… Rest in peace....

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The Amazons of the 21 Century

Sep 20, 13 The Amazons of the 21 Century

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While working in the Peruvian Amazon, the women explained why they should be the ones in charge of, or the ones chiefly responsible for, monitoring and preventing deforestation:Aton mebel  For the men in our community, the trees of our forest provide mainly timber – that is the only thing they are interested in. For us, for the women, our perception is completely different.  The trees are the pillars that hold up our cathedral.   Inside this cathedral, we find our food, we find the resources to build our houses, we find what we need to heal the sick. We need, then, to guard the trees – as they are our whole way of...

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Calling all women

Aug 10, 13 Calling all women

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One of the challenges while working in communities is to find ways to reach a majority of the population. It is necessary to resort to means other than the traditional forms for summoning participants to meetings or other project events. For example, one of the most effective ways for us has been through schools’ homework notebook, which the moms usually check every day.RPK Tramplinlive streaming film Hell or High Water 2016 We have also used some alternative/innovative ways for transferring knowledge. Traveling around to and from some rural places takes hours and hours in a bus. In these trips I have seen people singing for a couple of cents, or selling goods. So learning from this “improvised sellers and communicators”, we decided to use the buses to deliver our messages, while we had a captive audience. The results were...

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A Jobless Tooth Fairy

Aug 05, 13 A Jobless Tooth Fairy

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How valuable are your teeth? Do you take them for granted sometimes? Let me share two anecdotes that might make you treasure your teeth and even dentists!!!kahovka-service.ru In one of the communities where I was working, no matter how many efforts were made, women were not showing up to the meetings. While I was trying to come up with all of the possible reasons, a girl enlightened me. –The women are ashamed of coming to the meetings because of their teeth.  Why?- I asked. -Because their teeth are in very bad condition, they have few left, and their mouths smell bad as well.  So they do not want to be seen like that. After that, as part of our “gender strategy,” we got a group of dentists to come and help them.  The result… dozens of smiling women in the meetings. My second anecdote happened in Nicaragua during the civil war. I was working in Grenada (it is one of the oldest and most beautiful colonial cities in Central America) and I kept noticing that a woman peddler came every day with a very big basin.  I was sure, due to the way that the clients were interacting with her, that she was selling something rather unique.  What I saw took me completely by surprise!!! She was selling dentures. People came, tried on pairs until they figured out the ones that fit them best, and left. She explained that she collected the dentures from death bodies.  Since at that time dentists were either unavailable or too expensive, this was a great solution. It is very common in some rural communities in Latin America, that in order to avoid teeth complications, people have all of their teeth extracted and choose to wear dentures instead. As my mother-in-law said when I told her these stories, “Blessed are the chickens that have no...

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